Assurance Plan

The Heritage Irrigation Total Assurance Plan

We are excited to announce that we now offer Flexible Payment options for customers who purchase an Annual Package with the Total Assurance Plan!

For a low fixed monthly rate with automatic payments call our office for details.

Stop paying for irrigation repairs and take advantage of the Heritage Irrigation Total Assurance Plan!

Our valued customers who purchase an annual package for their Spring Start Up and Winterization are eligible to purchase the Total Assurance Plan to prevent costly irrigation repairs. When you purchase the Total Assurance Plan you will no longer pay to repair or replace things like...

  • Head replacement
  • Valve replacement
  • Controller replacement
  • Line breaks
  • Rain sensors
  • And more...


  • 1-12 zones $150.00
  • 13-24 zones $250.00
  • 25 or more zones Call for pricing

Heritage Total Assurance Plan - Total Assurance plan is designed to help eliminate expensive repairs for our customers. This plan covers normal repairs such as sprinkler head repairs, line repairs, valve repair and replacements, controller repairs and replacements and much more. The Total Assurance Plan does not cover freeze damage, damages by other contractors, backflow replacements, additions, relocations or changes to existing system. Assurance Plan pricing is for Irrigation systems up to and including 12 zones. For systems with more than 12 zones please call our office for pricing.

The Heritage Irrigation Total Assurance Plan (the plan) is designed with the customer in mind. Nobody likes to pay for unexpected repairs and now with the Total Assurance Plan you won’t have to. The plan covers just about everything you can think of on your system, head replacement, valve replacement, line breaks, controller replacements (when controller is within 10 years old) and even covers rain sensors. The plan does not cover freeze damage, damage by contractors and utility companies, backflow preventers, pumps and attachments (including relays, wiring, pressure tanks, filters and piping within 10’ of pump). The plan is not available for customers using non potable water sources, systems run from a well (unless a sand separator filter is installed) or for “self installed” systems. The plan does not cover straightening, raising or moving heads, backflows or valves due to site condition changes or landscape changes. The plan does not cover additions, changes or modification in any way to existing systems. All customers with the Total Assurance Plan will receive a 10% discount on any billable work requested, upgrades or additions to their irrigation system. Any pre-existing issues with your system prior to purchasing the plan are not covered.