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Maintenance & Repairs

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Heritage Irrigation is a full service irrigation company. We have factory trained technicians that can service any brand irrigation system. When an irrigation professional comes to your home to service your irrigation system, be assured he/she will have all the tools and materials on hand to handle any situation you have. In rare situations they will reschedule your service. Whether it is a broken irrigation line, a wiring issue or just replacing a sprinkler head, we promise to provide you with unparalleled service. Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied.

Scheduling of Service Calls










Certain service calls require that we notify Miss Utility. If you feel that there will be digging involved to make a repair or move heads, for example, let us know when making the appointment so we can have the utilities marked before we come out. It speeds up the process.

We begin to schedule Spring Start Ups in February and Winterization scheduling begins the week after Labor Day. Please contact our office early to schedule yours. (804) 800-5000 or email our team,

When calling our office, we try our best to answer every call. However, if you do receive voice mail, please leave us a message and we will call you back promptly. Any message left before 4 PM will be returned that day. Messages received after 4 PM will be returned the next business day. We look forward to working with you and we promise to do all we can to make your service experience a pleasant one.

Service Reminders

We know that some customers get busy and sometimes forget they had a service scheduled, so at Heritage Irrigation, we send an email reminder along with a reminder phone call the evening before.

24 Hour Emergency Service

If you have a situation with rushing water and it's after normal business hours, call (804) 357-1256.

Heritage Irrigation Serice Call Truck

Scheduling service trips is not an easy job. We will always handle an emergency situation with rushing water first. Water is a precious resource and we all don’t like seeing water just running down the street. Most service calls are handled within 72 hours. We also try to route our service calls in the most efficient manner possible. This helps to keep our costs down and your service charges lower.

"How To" Tips 

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