Heritage Irrigation Residential Services

At Heritage Irrigation, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available in the office from 8 am until 4 pm Monday through Friday for your scheduling needs. We provide 24 hour emergency service for rushing water situations.


Spring Start-Up: $70

At the start up, we turn the water supply back on and look for any leaks in the system. We then operate the system through each zone to check for proper working condition. We do adjust any heads that need to be adjusted. Start Ups do not include replacing of heads, moving heads or repairs.

We begin to schedule the Start Ups in February each year. We begin the Start Ups in March depending on the long term weather forecasts. We suggest that if your backflow preventer is located outside that the Start Up be performed after March 20th to reduce the chance of a late freeze. The customer needs to contact us for scheduling.


Winterization: $70

This is where we purge the water from the system using high pressure air. If your backflow preventer is located outside, we suggest that the system be winterized no later than the 15th of November each year to reduce the risk of freeze damage. We begin our winterization scheduling in August each year. We will send emails to our customers to remind you to schedule your winterization, but it is the responsibility of the customer to call for the appointment.

Backflow Test

State Required Backflow Preventer Test: $65

Backflow preventers are devices that keep contaminants from backing into your drinking water. It also keeps the contaminants from backing into the municipal water system. That is why there has always been a state law that requires that your backflow preventer be tested on an annual basis. Some localities are enforcing this law. We know that some contractors are charging high prices for this test. At Heritage Irrigation, we promise to keep our pricing as low as possible. Our best price is always our package price, so why not call us and schedule your backflow preventer test today.

Once we have tested your backflow preventer, within a few days we will forward the certification to the proper locality and then we will email a copy to you for your records. Remember, if your backflow is located inside a locked crawl space, please have it unlocked the day we are scheduled. In order to keep our pricing low, we need to test and go as we perform many of these tests every day.Backflow testing is done from March to November for residences. Commercial backflows are tested all year. If your backflow test is included in your package, then it is performed at the time of the Start Up or usually within 10 days of the Start Up.


Pre-Pay Total Package: $130-$180

Heritage Irrigation does offer a pre-pay package price on the above services. If you select the winterization & spring start up the pre-pay package is only $130. If you include the state required backflow preventer test, the package is only $180. Payment is due no later than the day of service or the pre-pay price does not apply. We do not bill for these services.


Maintenance & Repairs

Heritage Irrigation is a full service irrigation company. We have factory trained technicians that can service any brand irrigation system. When a Sprinkler Pro comes to your home to service your irrigation system, be assured he will have all the tools and materials on hand to handle any situation you have. In rare situations will he have to reschedule your service. Whether it is a broken irrigation line, a wiring issue or just replacing a sprinkler head, we promise to provide you with unparallelled service. Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied.


Gate Valves

Gate valves are the devices that are used to turn the water to your system on and off. Gate valves are metal. They are located in the ground and as we all know, metal will rust in the ground. This will happen to your gate valve over time. Then it will not open or close properly. While it may appear to open or close on the outside, on the inside is where the problem lies. When winterizing, if the gate valve does not close all the way, it may appear that the water is off, but over a months time water can seep back in. We suggest that if you have a gate valve, it be replaced with a PVC ball valve. The PVC will not rust. We can replace your gate valve. Give us a call.