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Get Ready for Spring!

Spring is just around the corner, and at Heritage Irrigation, we're gearing up to help you make the most of the season ahead! In this newsletter, we'll help you get ready for spring with essential tips and tricks to prepare your outdoor space for the vibrant days of spring. From mulching to lawn care, raised bed gardening, and exclusive specials, get ready to welcome the season with a flourishing landscape that's as vibrant as the springtime blooms.

Set Up for Success

Get ready for spring with these lawn tips!

As each day passes, the days are getting a little bit longer and a little bit brighter. Soon it will be time to get back out in that yard and start mowing and enjoying the yard you have worked so hard on. Here are a few practical tips of what you can be doing right now to set yourself up for success this spring:

  • Service your lawn mowers/trimmers

  • Install fresh mulch in your beds

  • Clean up any lingering yard debris ie. sticks, branches and leaves

  • Have soil analysis performed

  • Plan your weed prevention and fertilization schedule

  • Schedule your Irrigation Spring Start Up

Following these tips will ensure that your lawn is looking it's best so you can spend less time working and more time enjoying your outdoor space.

Get Ready for Spring with Mulch

Get ready for spring with fresh mulch

It's not quite time to mow the lawn, but it is time to spread a nice fresh layer of mulch in your beds.

Mulch is about more than aesthetics, it provides a much needed level of moisture retention and insulation for soil. As last years mulch begins to break down and add nutrients back into the soil, it's time to add a rich vibrant layer on top. Call (804-800-5000) or email ( us today to receive a free mulch installation estimate.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Raised bed gardening is enhanced with drip irrigation.

Raised bed vegetable gardens have skyrocketed in popularity recently. These planter boxes allow small spaces to be used to grow large quantities of fresh produce. As convenient as these raised beds are, they still need to be properly watered to ensure your plants get the water they need to provide you with the bounty that you want. There is an easy way to overcome that, add drip irrigation to your beds and let your irrigation system do the rest. Whether you are looking to have new planter boxes installed, or if you need

to add drip irrigation to your existing beds, Heritage Irrigation has the solution for you.   Call (804-800-5000) or email ( us today to receive a free drip installation estimate.

Now Scheduling For Spring Start Up

Heritage Irrigation Spring Start Up.

If you haven't already, now is the time to schedule your Spring Start Up. Save even more when you

refer a friend or neighbor! Call 804-800-5000.

February Specials!

10% OFF

  • Mulch Installation

  • Smart Controllers

  • Lighting Installation

  • Drainage Installation

Drainage Solutions

Heritage Irrigation can fix your lawn's drainage problems.

Don't let muddy spots in your yard ruin your lawn this year. Don't delay, have your drainage issues fixed today.


Illuminate your nights with outdoor lighting.

It's always a great time to install a new low voltage LED Outdoor Lighting System. Call Today For A Free Estimate: 804-800-5000

Refer and Save!

Refer a friend and save $10.

We are pleased to introduce our brand new referral program. If you have been happy with the service provided to you now it pays to tell a friend.

 For every new customer you refer to sign up for a Start Up/Winterization package, receive $10.00 off the cost of your package or any other service.

Saving in 2024 is happening!


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