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Keeping Your Lawn Lush and Healthy: Our October Irrigation Newsletter

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Fall is in Full Effect!

Winter is coming! Time to Winterize

You've worked hard in your yard all year keeping your lawn lush and healthy, mowing, trimming, raking, planting, seeding and more. Now it's time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Just as you put away the mower and trimmers, it's time for your irrigation to take a break until spring. Don't skip this crucial step, call us today to schedule your annual winterization and rest assured that your sprinkler system will be ready for next year. Winterization / Spring Start Up: Packages Starting At Just $130.00

Outdoor Lighting Special: Show Off Your Lush and Healthy Lawn

Home with beautiful uplighting installed by Heritage Irrigation

Shorter days and longer nights are no reason to cut your time outdoors short. Installing an outdoor lighting system will brighten up your night. Starting at Only $1495.00 receive 6 up lights, transformer and a Wi-Fi timer installation included. Call today to schedule a free estimate, 804-800-5000.

Give The Gift Of Light This Year

Just a few reasons why you should consider installing outdoor

lighting this fall.

1. Enhanced Aesthetics 2. Improved Safety and Security 3. Extended Living Space 4. Increased Property Value 5. Energy Efficiency and Automation

Meet Andy Fincher

Mr October, Andy Fincher, Operations Manager at Heritage Irrigation.

Meet Andy Fincher, our Operations Manager at Heritage Irrigation, a man with a knack for turning water into green gold! With a decade of experience, Andy is more than just a water wizard; he's the guy who can make your parched lawn sigh with relief. When he's not busy sprinkling his magic touch on irrigation systems, you can find him charming clients with his excellent sales skills. Andy is not just a professional in the field; he's also a pro at home, juggling the role of a father of two sons. We suspect his secret to success is his ability to negotiate with 5 year old's and teenagers at the same time - a skill that surely comes in Andy when dealing with finicky sprinkler systems! So, if your lawn's thirst has you crying "Uncle," don't fret; Andy's here to save the day, one water droplet at a time.

Final Thoughts

We love servicing our customers' irrigation systems and nothing makes us happier than when you tell us that we got it right! If you have been happy with our services over the years, feel free to let us know. And

while you're at it, feel free to tell a neighbor that Heritage Irrigation is your choice for all of

your irrigation and outdoor lighting needs.


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